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RM EP49: Juan Manuel Barrientos

“In this episode of Restaurant Misfits, we are honored to interview Juan Manuel Barrientos, an eminent figure in the culinary world. As a distinguished restaurateur and world-renowned chef, Juan Manuel has made an incredible mark on the industry with his innovative approach to dining and exceptional culinary skills. With a diverse portfolio of establishments spanning from Colombia to the United States, he exemplifies the epitome of success in the global culinary scene.”

S3:EP1 - Ethan Falk, Virtual Restaurant Group

“VRG offers delivery-only brands that can easily operate out of an existing restaurant. They maximize a restaurant’s kitchen space and a restaurant’s stream of revenue using no additional overhead. In this interview, Brett and Ethan talk about the opportunities to incorporate another virtual concept into a restaurant and other opportunities that restaurant owners should be thinking about!”

How to Succeed in the Restaurant Industry

“Ready to take your restaurant business to the next level? Look no further! In this amazing podcast episode, Ryan Grom-fin, @Therestaurantboss himself, shares his expertise and insights on what it takes to succeed in the restaurant industry. Ryan, a former restaurant owner turned restaurant owner coach, has over 120k followers on Youtube and currently works with over 300 restaurant owners to help them achieve their restaurant growth goals”

Best Restaurant Growth Strategies

“In this episode, I interview Marcus Guiliano and he discusses some of the best restaurant growth strategies. He is the founder of Aroma Thyme, a restaurant based in Ellenville, NY. He is an amazing chef, restaurant owner, and restaurant education/influencer and is incredibly creative with how he has grown his restaurant over the years. He did so many amazing things in the food & hospitality industry.”

8 Most Common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

“He’s saying these common mistakes based on all the crazy stories that ” Dineline ” gets from the restaurant owners. Brett doesn’t want to say that these marketing methods do not work but wants to say better alternatives with other online marketing strategies that will help to grow your restaurant business perfectly”

Restaurant Marketing & Restaurant Growth

“Josh is the CEO and Co-founder of Sesame, a new restaurant marketplace created by restaurants, for restaurants. Born out of the need to create a more sustainable way for restaurants to manage their off-premise businesses and fight back against the aggregators, Sesame is planning to disrupt the industry for the betterment of all stakeholders. Sesame is launching in NYC in late August. “

S3:EP5: Sean Brennan, Scaling Up a Pie Concept

“Interview with Sean Brennan, the founder of the international multi-unit quick-serve pie and coffee concept “The Pie Hole” based in Los Angeles. He has plus or minus 20 years’ experience in hospitality and organizational development. By classification, he is a builder, whether it be teams, companies, campaigns, or even the perfect sandwich.”

S3:E2 - Ashish Tulsian, Restaurant

“He has scaled the company from a two-member team to 100+ employees, serving over 9,000+ leading restaurants in 32 countries. Ashish is a rare combination of a Technocrat and Restaurateur. He kick-started his entrepreneurial journey in 2007 by founding a telecom company right out of college, serving all major telecom operators in India for value-added services.”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP23: Peter Demos

” Peter is a fourth generation restauranteur, who has been in the restaurant business since he was 12 years old. He is so passionate about the industry that he chose to forego his law degree to follow his desire for helping people. Peter believes that the restaurant space is actually one of the best industries to be in if you want to impact lives. From building the Demos brand to implementing a successful morning routine in his life, Peter brings a ton of knowledge to this interview.”

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Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP22 - Abhinav Kapur

“Abhinav is dedicated to helping restaurants build deeper, more authentic customer relationships at a time when their business is rapidly shifting beyond the traditional four walls. By aggregating data across channels (in-store, delivery, loyalty, etc.), his system unlocks a unified view of the guest, as well as the ability to run completely automated, data-driven marketing campaigns. In the next 60 minutes, we dive into new technologies restaurants should be leveraging, how to turn data into dollars and his inspiration behind Bikky.”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP21 - Brian Lewis

“Chef Brian, is incredibly talented and has years of experience in the restaurant industry – now owning four different restaurant concepts. During our interview, we discuss managing work-life balance in a constantly moving industry, hiring and training tips, and how he moved from his role as a chef to the ownership role. This is a really great episode for any chef or restauranteur listening to understand the transferrable skills in both of these roles.”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP20 - Ken McGarrie

“Ken is a super interesting guy who has a ton of knowledge of the restaurant space and is also a new published author of his book, “The Surprise Restaurant Manager.” In the next 60 minutes, we dive into finding and hiring new staff, training staff, and uncovering problems in the restaurant industry and his approach to finding solutions. He’s huge on having measurable marketing results and for any restauranteur listening, this episode will bring you a ton of value! “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP19 - Field Failing

“Field’s restaurant adventure began in 2007, after his professional cycling career came to an end and he found himself back in the kitchen. That year, he filled the fridge in his New York apartment with brines and marinades, blasted the Rolling Stones, and set out to make the perfect chicken. Shortly thereafter, his chicken restaurant concept was born. However, like many other restaurant around the world, they have had an extremely tough time during the pandemic but despite the tight regulations, Field’s Good Chicken has found success. Field is a super inspiring guy who has had to change his business to survive and thrive during this time.”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP18 - Adam Bossie

“In this episode, I interview Adam Bossie, CEO of the Afficionado Coffee. Adam started Afficionado Coffee Roasters in 2008 and has been on a mission to grow the business year after year since. As of today, it is one of the most respected coffee purveyor’s around the choice of many of the top New York City restaurants and businesses like Instagram. In the next 60 minutes, we dive into building a brand with a story, growing a team of excited employees, and his learnings as he explores more digital strategies for his business. “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP17 - Renae Scott

“On this episode of Restaurant Misfits, I interview Renae Scott, CMO of Ike’s Love and Sandwiches and is a creative marketing powerhouse in the restaurant industry. She is the former CMO of Carl’s Jr. among many other leading fast casual concepts. Renae has successfully navigated Ike’s through the pandemic by launching buzz worthy promotions, enhanced delivery options, and menu innovations. Ike’s under her direction will be launching a new app later this year to move their restaurant further into the digital space. After opening 20 locations last year, and 21 more to come this year, Renae is a seasoned marketing veteran in the restaurant industry and in this episode, she dives into her success. “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP16 - Jace Kovacevich

“This is a really exciting episode as my business partner and COO, Jace Kovacevich, joined me on the show! Our agency helps restaurants acquire customers the smarter way through digital marketing and in this ​episode, we are going to break down how the industry has evolved this past year, changes we’ve made as an agency and our book release, Misfit Marketing for Restaurants. You’re also going to learn more about what Misfit Media does and what you can expect from working with us! Enjoy!”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP15 - Alex Canter

“In this episode, I interview, Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark. A platform that allows restaurants to use multiple third-party delivery apps but receive orders on one tablet or printer, as well as manage one universal menu that can synchronize with every third-party marketplace. Alex was raised in the world famous Canter’s Deli, right here, in Los Angeles, where he and his team first invented Ordermark. He is a fourth generation restauranteur and the restaurant business has been in his blood for 85 years. Alex was a 2019 recipient of Forbes 30 under 30, and Fast Casual’s executive Top 25. He’s continuously innovating in the restaurant space and he has some exciting new concepts that he shares on this episode. Enjoy!”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP14 - Samantha Slager & Camilla Opperman

“On this episode of Restaurant Misfits, I interview Samantha Slager and Camilla Opperman the co-founders of Nimbus Kitchen. In this episode, we talk about a number of current problems in the restaurant industry and how they are planning on solving them with their new business. Without further adieu, let’s dive in! This podcast is in collaboration with Total Food Service. “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP13 - Jamie Simpson

“In this episode, I interview Jamie Simpson, Executive Chef of the Culinary Vegetable Institute. Jamie has an interesting background- he was previously in a rock band before becoming a chef and compares an ingredient as a note in a chord. “A great dish is a great song and a great restaurant is an absolute symphony.” His role in providing hundreds of fresh vegetables across the United States and the institutes emphasis on creating a more sustainable food industry makes for an extremely interesting episode! Enjoy!”

S3:EP1 - Ethan Falk, Virtual Restaurant Group

“In this episode, I interview Melanie Landano the founder of Mel’s Butcher Box. Mel’s Butcher Box is a food truck concept that was established in the midst of the pandemic. Melanie has been in the food, hospitality and entertainment space her entire career and had the vision of bringing her food truck to life in one of the most turbulent times for the industry. She has a very interesting and experiencing story and I am excited to share it with you! Enjoy!”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP11 - Brick Oven Pizza

“In this episode, I interview our clients, Adrian and Melissa from Brick Oven Pizza. Their restaurant business has been a client of ours for 2 years now and they are very special to Misfit Media. After doubling their in sales in 2020, Brick Oven Pizza has made over half a million dollars directly attributed to our marketing programs! We’ve had so much success with them and in these next 50 minutes, we are going to dive into their road to getting there. Enjoy! “

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Dan Rowe - Revenue Streams

“A Podcast about Dan Rowe – Revenue Streams”

8 Most Common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

“In this episode, I interview David Burke. Chef, restauranteur, TV personality and business man who is fueled by passion, grit and a knack for artful innovation. He is known amongst his peers as a leading pioneer in cooking and is recognized internationally for his techniques, skills and his successful restaurant empire. David gave great insight into how he adapted in 2020, his new revenue streams, and what led to his overall success in the restaurant industry. This episode is full of great content, so let’s dive in! “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP9 - Dan Rowe

“In this episode, I interview Dan Rowe, the CEO of Fransmart and Co-managing partner of Kitchen Fund. Dan Rowe specializes in finding the next big thing and for over 20 years has discovered and grown many major brands including: Five Guys, QDOBA Mexican Grill and The Halal Guys. Under Dan Rowe’s direction, Fransmart’s current and past franchise development portfolio brands, they have opened more than 5,000 restaurants worldwide, and facilitated franchise investments that have cumulatively generated over 1-billion in revenues to date. Dan definitely knows how to spot a winning restaurant brand and this episode we’ll explore some of those winning restaurant qualities. So let’s dive in!”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP8 - Laurent May

“In this episode, I interview Laurent May, who’s the CEO of Ready To Pay. A fully-integrated, contactless mobile self-ordering payment and loyalty technology solution. Laurent personally has over 20 years of expertise when it comes to project management in the electronic payment space. There’s been so much change in the restaurant industry in 2020 and even more changes in emerging technology. If we look at the industry now and onwards in the future, Laurent mentions that it’s so critically important for restaurant owners to embrace these new technologies rather than shy away from them if they want to continue being successful. We had such a great conversation and there’s so much to learn from Laurent! Let’s dive in. ”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP7 - Elena Besser

“In this episode, I interview Elena Besser, a Brooklyn-based, Chicago-bred Chef and TV Host. She hosts live cooking classes on Food Network Kitchen, and can be seen on The Cooking Channel’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” as well as Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay”. She firmly believes food and entertainment should be intertwined and makes some strong points behind this. Just in the way that Elena describes food and her dishes made me so hungry I ran to our office kitchen directly after this podcast to go devour my lunch early. I can’t exactly explain what she did but it was insane. “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP6 - Stephen Yen

“In this episode, I interview Stephen Yen, the executive chef of Tao Downtown in New York City Stephen has been with Tao for about a year now and has been a killer addition to their team. As for his experience, Stephen was on the opening team for Fatty ‘Cue in Williamsburg, where he worked with Eddie Huang and later worked with Eddie at Catch. For those who don’t know Eddie, he was a Top Chef Season 3 winner and proved to be not only a great Chef to learn from for Stephen but also a stepping-stone. As a nicer, sit-down concept, Tao has had to make some major adjustments to their business model in order to stay competitive and thrive during this year.”

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP4 - JJ Johnson

“This week on Restaurant Misfits, Brett sat down with JJ Johnson, the President and Executive Chef of Fieldtrip. His New York City restaurant is influenced by global flavors and techniques used within various cultures and each dish tells a unique story of how it arrived in this country and into a customers bowl. Johnson offers some great tips on how to reopen amid the pandemic and cultivate a cohesive team. “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP2 - Stratis Morfogen

“In this episode, Brett interviews the iconic, 3rd-generation restauranteur, Stratis Morfogen. He is known for his successful ventures that are a favorite among the New York City and Hamptons most discerning dining patrons. Brett and Stratis dove into how he took two vastly different cuisines that disrupted the traditional steakhouse concept and then combined that with his love of dumplings. He’s full of ideas and his passion for the restaurant industry is both inspiring and contagious and this episode is sure to pack a punch in value for all viewers and listeners! “

Restaurant Misfits: S2 EP1 - Jordan Andino

“In this episode of the Restaurant Misfits podcast, Brett speaks with Jordan Andino, who is arguably one of the coolest guys in the food space right now. Andino is a celebrity chef, TV personality and restauranteur and is incredibly passionate about the restaurant industry. Just as he does in the kitchen, he brought the 🔥🔥🔥”

EP16: Building A More Sustainable Food System

“This week on Restaurant Misfits, Brett interviewed Chelsea Van Hooven, the Global Industry Advisor at Choco, a free mobile app helping over 6,000 restaurants order their supplies faster while reducing mistakes at the same time. Choco is rapidly expanding and in this episode, we’ll dive deep to understand what the future of the food industry looks like and how to build a more sustainable food system. ”