Frequently asked questions

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Our goal is to build you a program that works for years to come. However, you can expect to start seeing results within the first 30-60 days of the program.

Maybe 2 hours in the first month to start then close to no time each month, other than checking in with our team. The goal with Dineline’s Growth Program is to give you a marketing system that works so you can spend more time working ON your business than IN your business.

We’ve worked with over 1,000 different restaurant concepts in 4 different countries, from small towns to large cities, from mom and pops to massive chains… We’ve proven our success time and time again in a variety of different situations and settings. We will make this work for you. We even offer a guarantee of success. Ask us about our guarantee when you take your first meeting with us.

The program is set up so it works in tandem with your existing operations. We seamlessly integrate with all of your business listings. We understand the importance of speed and efficiency, so our system will only compliment your current operations.

Again, the program is set up to work in tandem with your existing operations and team. We’re not trying to replace anyone or make anyone lose their job. Dineline simply provides your business with a proven roadmap that has already worked for 1,000 other restaurant concepts.

In today’s market, it seems like there are hundreds of marketing companiesthat promise the world to restaurants, but then under deliver.

While most owners know they need a marketing and sales system to get their business to the next level, they don’t make an investment because they are fearful of losing money.

We don’t blame you for feeling this way.

We treat every client relationship as a partnership. You can think of us as your full-time Chief Marketing Officer.

We come with every resource your business needs: Designers, Videographers, Paid Media, Emailing, Texting, Account Managers and any other resource you need.

While most agencies won't help you outside the "scope" of work, we literally do everything for you at a fraction of the cost of an employee.With that being said, we also want to be 100% transparent.

We won't be your cheapest option, but we will be that IT Factor to get your business to the next level.