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3 Steps To More Customers

“In today’s world of digital marketing, there are many ways to advertise your restaurant. From accumulating a following on social media to paid online traffic, to list building with emails, hashtags. In this video, we will tell you the most effective restaurant marketing strategies that actually work. In this video, Brett addresses the 3 most common forms of online marketing and explains which is the most effective to use in order to acquire new customers. ”

Grow Your Restaurant Business With These Marketing Strategies

” When restaurant marketing strategy works for you on a consistent basis, leads and money flow in like crazy and it’s a gift that never stops giving. It’s the investment where you put money in, and it keeps pushing money out. However, if you’re working with a team, you have to expect that you are going to have to put in the time, attention and resources to get your marketing to work. If you are a restaurant looking for a Restaurant Marketing Agency, we will help you learn more about growing and scaling your restaurant business. Hope you enjoy!”

The Number 1 Way To Grow Your Restaurant Business

“In this video, I wanted to ask you a very simple question that will really help you think through how you’re approaching growing your restaurant business today. Does 2x your Budget, Time, or Energy = 2x the Revenue for your business? How do you even know if what you are currently doing is producing any positive outcome? In this video, Brett covers the ONE LEVER you can use to increase business when you need to. “

The MOST Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies

“Welcome to the ” Dineline ” YouTube channel. In this video, Jace outlines some of the main things you need to consider when marketing a successful grand opening for your restaurant. We dive into how we successfully created a grand opening event that had a line wrapped around the building for an ice cream shop. Too many brands focus on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are totally irrelevant when it comes to actually drive in new customers. “

The Guide To A Successful Grand Opening For Your Restaurant

“Welcome to the ” Dineline ” YouTube channel. In this video, Jace outlines some of the main things you need to consider when marketing a successful grand opening for your restaurant. We dive into how we successfully created a grand opening event that had a line wrapped around the building for an ice cream shop. Too many brands focus on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are totally irrelevant when it comes to actually drive in new customers.”

Restaurant Marketing: How To Gain Customers Online

“Brett shows you step by step how Misfit Media helps restaurants across the world gain new customers and track their marketing campaigns. “

The Dineline Phone Line Explained

“In this video, we’ll explore the Dineline phone line, an extremely powerful phone system that allows restaurateurs to reach their customers in the most optimal way possible. The Dineline phone line is a must-have for any restaurant, and it can make a drastic difference in the way your customers perceive your restaurant. This system allows you to communicate with your customers in a way that’s both efficient and personalized, and it can really boost your restaurant’s marketing efforts. So if you’re looking for a phone system that will make a big impact on your restaurateurs business, the Dineline phone line is the best way to go! ”

Grow Your Restaurant Business With These Marketing Strategies

” Welcome to the ” Dineline ” YouTube channel. In today’s video, Jace will break down what most restaurant businesses are doing wrong when it comes to managing their contacts and offers a successful follow up strategy for restaurant business owners. We have serviced thousands of restaurant concepts over the years and share what has worked in this video.”

8 Most Common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

“In this video, Brett breaks down some common mistakes made by restaurant owners when it comes to marketing & promoting their restaurant. He’s saying these common mistakes based on all the crazy stories that ” Dineline ” gets from the restaurant owners. Brett doesn’t want to say that these marketing methods do not work but wants to say better alternatives with other online marketing strategies that will help to grow your restaurant business perfectly. “

Real Restaurant ROI - The Campaign "Stacking Method"

“Instead of using traditional marketing for restaurants, follow our new method of “stacking” results. This will ensure your ad dollars are used strategically. “

What Should Your Restaurant Marketing Budget Be?

“What’s up, everyone! We have an awesome video for you today. Jace is going to break down his thoughts on why he doesn’t think businesses should have a marketing budget. At Dineline, we firmly believe that if you can track the success of your marketing and you know it’s working… then you shouldn’t have a budget! Why not scale your success if what you are doing is making money?”

Restaurant Marketing Methods That Are Destroying Your Business

“In this video, Jace from Dineline breaks down Why Coupons Destroy Your Business. Many restaurants are too reliant on coupons to grow their business. In this video I breakdown my viewpoint on using coupons and some potential solutions. “

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How Successful Restaurant Businesses Do Email Marketing - Pro Tips & Secrets

“Many restaurant businesses are not doing email marketing correctly but the successful restaurant owners and businesses crush email marketing. In this video, Jace Kovacevich from Dineline breaks down his learnings and experience from sending over 1 Million Emails per month. ”

The Absolute Worst Restaurant Marketing Strategy In 2023

” In this video, you’ll see Brett Linkletter, (Co-Founder at Dineline) discussing why restaurant marketing strategy goes wrong. Many restaurant “marketers” are doing this and it’s just stupid. Throughout this video, Brett explains to you why wrong ads are incredibly so stupid for the restaurant business. It’s seriously just like burning money on fire. He request’s everyone not to do this anymore.”

Restaurant Marketing Success Stories--You Could Be Next

“Misfit Media is a digital marketing agency with a focus on restaurant customer growth and retention. Our restaurant marketing strategy focuses on targeted ads that acquire new customers and convert them into a consistent, returning client base. We help restaurants generate a consistent and predictable revenue stream every month through automated online processes. Our first step is to help restaurant owners identify key problem areas that we can then turn into massive opportunities to immediately start bringing in more customers. “

Dineline - Search Based Ads vs. Newsfeed Ads

“Welcome to the ” Dineline ” YouTube channel. Throughout this video, you’ll see Brett Linkletter, (Co-Founder of Dineline) discussing why we have shifted away from Facebook and Instagram ads and are more focused on “search-based” ads on platforms like Google. Search-based ad is a method of placing online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries “

Restaurant Marketing & What You're Doing Wrong!

“Are you falling into the “Hope Marketing” trap? Or are you practicing “Acquisition” marketing? . . Last night I spoke with someone who is as an advertiser in NY. . . She asked me if I knew what “Programmatic advertising” was, which for those of you know don’t know… “

Restaurant Marketing Pro Tip: Campaign Stacking

“Brett explains Misfit Media’s signature marketing strategy: Campaign Stacking. It’s time to stop relying on “hope” marketing techniques. Up your game to acquisition marketing–a reliable, trackable, method that compounds your results over time!”

How To Give Your Company "Laserlike" Focus

“In this video, Jace Kovacevich breaks down how to give your company mission and direction as you scale. Jace will break down the difference between a company’s Vision, Mission, and Principles with actionable steps around creating your own. If you feel like you might be a good fit for Dineline, check out our free case study video through our website www.dineline.co, and see if we can help your business! ”

Restaurant Marketing: Measurable Strategies for Maximizing ROI

” Does your marketing “strategy” produce an ROI? Do you even know? In this video, Brett shows how Misfit Media is able to produce results for restaurants and showcases the entire process from beginning to end. Want to see how we got a 5x return in the first 4 weeks? Watch this now.”

Restaurant Adoption Diffusion Curve

“Brett discusses the rate of customer adoption when it comes to acquiring customers at restaurants. “

Restaurant Marketing Checklist

“Welcome to the ” Dineline ” YouTube channel. In this video, Brett outlines some of the main things you need to consider when marketing your restaurant. Too many brands focus on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are totally irrelevant when it comes to actually drive in new customers. “

Restaurant Marketing, Real Social Media Strategies, and What We do

“Brett and Jace, CoFounders of Misfit Media spoke at a USC Alumni event this April 2019 on behalf of what’s changing in the social media world and what Misfit is doing to stay ahead of the curve and get their clients results.”

Build A Customer Database With Smart Menu QR Codes

“QR codes are great contactless menu solution but Smart Menu QR Codes is a new system my team and I built that can generate thousands of free leads for your restaurant. I put together a short video training explaining our new strategy behind Smart Menu QR Codes and how you can utilize them to build a customer database.”

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“*Update We helped our client, Original Tommy’s, sell more than 15,000 hotdogs over the course of the world series accounting for $30k+ in sales! See the full video here!”

What Does Misfit Media Actually Do?!?

” Jace and Brett walk you through the depth YOU need to have in your social media add to make them as effective as possible. This process is exactly what we do at Misfit Media to bring restaurants all over the world new guests who keep coming back month after month. Want to learn more? Check out the link below: “

Real Restaurant Marketing ROI

“Learn more about our CEO, Brett Linkletter and why we do restaurant marketing. Want to learn more about how we can help take your restaurant to the next level?”

Restaurant Content Marketing Tips


Calculating Your Customer Acquisition Cost

“Many restaurants have NO idea if their marketing strategies are actually working for them or not. Many of them spend thousands of dollars online… Hoping… Wishing… Praying… that they get customers from their efforts.”

$7,000+ in 2 Weeks ($0 Ad Spend)

“This video will outline how any restaurant can generate a database of loyal fans on demand. In this video, you will get a behind the scenes breakdown from an official Facebook case study featuring our client, Miller’s Roast Beef, who generated $7k over a 2-week period from working with Misfit Media.”

Restaurant's Grand Opening a Huge SUCCESS!

“In this video, I will explain why URGENCY and SCARCITY are important when creating your winning offer to your market. Stick around until the end of this video for sample offers to customers and how to promote them at your restaurant’s grand opening. If you want more TIPS AND STRATEGIES TO CLOSE A DEAL for your CATERING BUSINESS, watch until the end of this video. If you have any questions about game-changing strategies to help your restaurant business grow, feel free to contact me”

Using Facebook Messenger to Get New Customers


Restaurant Marketing Agency Story

“A short interview from the Conversations 2019 Conference with ManyChat. Who is Misfit Media? Why do we choose to serve restaurants? What we are about.”

Free Mini-Module (Restaurant Marketing)

“In this training, Jace explains how to use Facebook Messenger Scan Code for your restaurant. What you will learn in the video: 1.) How to use Messenger Code 2.) How to create your own code inside the ManyChat software 3.) How to easily design a customer loyalty program around the Messenger Code”

Marketing Delivery For Restaurants Strategy During COVID-19.

“Are you going to FOLD, SURVIVE, or THRIVE over these next few months? . . Because what you decide RIGHT NOW, will most likely end up being the fate of your job, business, etc. . . Those who say this is the worse thing ever and don’t know what they are going to do, will most likely sadly go out of business or lose their jobs…”

3 Important Parts of a Restaurant Marketing Database

“In this video, Jace walks you through the three important parts of building your restaurant’s marketing database. Collecting your customers’ information into a database is an excellent tool that you can reuse to re-market. The three main channels you can use to re-market to your customers are 1. Email 2. Text/SMS and 3. Facebook Messenger. Each has its own pros and cons, but they are all useful and worth collecting. “

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Marketing Team Uses Facebook to Sell French Fries

Watch to see how we increased french fry sales in the thousands!

Text Message Marketing | What Restaurants Should Know

“In this video, Jace gets into the details of text message marketing. Text marketing is a great tool to build and maintain customer relationships. Jace explains the main factors involved in text marketing that will help you determine if this method is right for your business. He covers messaging costs and platforms as well as how you can build your text message database! “

How to Drive MORE Catering Leads to Your Restaurant! [And Successfully CONVERT Them!]

“How do you get MORE CATERING CLIENTS for your business? Getting potential clients to choose your catering business can take time and effort, especially in the beginning. In this video, if you’re a restaurant owner or in the catering business, I’ll tell you how to get MORE RESERVATIONS AND BOOKINGS at your RESTAURANT.”

How NOT To Market Your Restaurant

“In this video, Brett and the Misfit Team cover some of their LEAST favorite restaurant marketing techniques. “

How To Strategically Grow Your Restaurant Business

“If you want to grow your restaurant, there are smarter, more advanced ways to do so. Marketing is used to scale and grow businesses and if you have strategic systems in place, it will lead to longterm success. In this video training, I outline how marketing smartly can expand your clientele and reach new people. “

The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Strategy

“In this video, Brett describes the ultimate restaurant marketing strategy – The “Chain Marketing Framework”, which is a system and strategy used Dineline to acquire restaurant guests and monetize them across various revenue channels. “

Best Restaurant Marketing Techniques - Restaurant Offers

“One of the best restaurant marketing techniques for restaurant owners to utilize is restaurant offers. There is a time and place to use restaurant offers. In this video, Brett explains in thorough detail when you should use an offer, what the benefits are, and what to look out for.”


Get an exclusive look behind the scenes with Misfit Media as we shoot one of most viral Holiday promos of all time for Original Tommy’s burger! With just $1,000 ad spend we had reached 500,000 people in the first 48 hours!

Facebook Ads 101: Different Content Types

“Jace walks you through the 3 types of content you can post on Facebook: organic, boosted, and paid. Each type has its own pros and cons. When it comes to marketing your restaurant on social media, it’s important to keep the goals of your posts in mind. For example, organic is best for building your brand content and paid content is best when you are looking to drive sales and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.”

What Is Instagram Reels? And How to Capitalize on This New IG Feature Now!

“oday – we have some exciting news to share with you! Instagram just launched their newest product and it’s called “REELS” And if you’re familiar with using TikTok, this will look very familiar to you.”

The #1 SECRET Sauce to GROW Your Restaurant RIGHT NOW! 🤫🤯

What’s the NUMBER ONE SECRET SAUCE to GROW your restaurant right now? #Dineline presents #chainmarketingframework. In this video, I will share with you who can best benefit from the chain marketing framework, how it works, and its impact on your restaurant’s growth.

Restaurant COVID-19 Social Media Hack

3rd Party Delivery Apps are killing restaurant margins right now… In this video, Jace will break down a new way to use QR codes to get your customers off apps like Postmates, Door Dash, and Uber Eats – on to your online ordering system.

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Digital Marketing Success Stories for Restaurants


Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses


Advertising For Local Business And List Building

“The cost to advertise is going up. What this means is that you need to be more strategic than ever if you want to see good ROI from ads online. In this video, I give a background behind what we do at Misfit Media to combat these high costs of ads.”

How To Make Your Restaurant THE Go-To Birthday Spot

“In this video, Jace shows you how to make your restaurant THE spot in town for birthdays. Drawing customers in to celebrate their birthday at your restaurant is a great way to guarantee above average check values. No one likes to celebrate their birthday alone, so if you can reel in a single person with an awesome offer, they are bound to come in with at least a couple of friends. “

How To Take Mouthwatering Food Content

“Taking delicious looking food content doesn’t have to be difficult. In this video, Brett shows how to take killer food content photos with both an iPhone and an Android. There are easy tweaks you can make when taking photos that will level up your menu items. “

How To Get MORE Restaurant Customers in 2023!

“In this video, i’ll explain WHY BUILDING A CUSTOMER DATABASE IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS! Why SHOULD you BUILD your CUSTOMER LIST in your Restaurant Business? If you want to grow your business, it’s important to know where you can get to know your market and how you can get more clients.”

How to Use Facebook Ads to Generate More Leads for Your Business




How I Make CHATGPT Transform Bland Restaurant Ads to BRILLIANT! 🤯

“How I make ChatGPT transform my restaurant ads from bland to BRILLIANT? How to BOOST your restaurant marketing strategy 10x with ChatGPT? In this video, I’ll share the art of creating irresistible restaurant ads using the power of ChatGPT”

How To Effectively Acquire Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

“In this video, I outline the process of acquiring leads into a marketing funnel and ultimately converting them into customers. Everything you need to know about acquiring qualified customers is in this training, so, you don’t want to miss out! “

Brett Talks New Restaurant Opportunities in 2021

“Your restaurant changed a lot in 2020, but there are new opportunities in 2021 for you to take advantage of. In this video, Brett outlines marketing strategies to meet your leads and customers on the channels where they are engaging with your brand to build a customer database. Having a marketing system that scales your business is imperative to the success of your restaurant this year, so you don’t want to miss out on this training!”

Generate Raving Restaurant Reviews On AutoPilot!

Want to learn how to generate raving restaurant reviews on auto-pilot? In this training, I break down the exact systems we use to help our clients get feedback on their restaurant on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. This is a really exciting training packed with information to help you build a better business, so you don’t want to miss out! 🔥



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Dineline - This is what 99% of Marketers are not doing

“Welcome to the ” Dineline ” YouTube channel. Here, Brett Linkletter, (Co-Founder at Dineline) will tell you about what 99% of Marketers are not doing. This is what 99% of marketers & entrepreneurs are getting wrong! You see what I did there it’s a hook but it’s not just any other hook. It’s a hook that hooks you in by what you’re missing by what your losses are. You see humans instinctually are more motivated by what we’re missing out on versus what we might get.

Facebook VS. Google Ads Showdown🤯

In this video, we dive into the core differences between #FacebookAds and #GoogleAds, revealing which marketing platform is more effective for your restaurant. We’ll also discuss the key factors in choosing the right platform for your #restaurant #marketingstrategy and how to use them well to bring more success. If you have any questions about these game-changing #restaurantmarketing strategies, feel free to contact me.

How To Do Restaurant Advertising In 2023

“In this video, Brett walks restaurant owners through restaurant advertising in 2023 and what it means to raise an advertising budget and the many reasons why or why not you would do this. “

How To Generate More Reservations & Bookings at Your Restaurant

“In this video, Jace walks restaurant owners and restaurant marketers through one of the most important restaurant strategies which is generating more reservations and more bookings. Find out how to generate more reservations and bookings at your restaurant with these restaurant marketing strategies. “

How To Acquire Leads Using Promotional Offers

“Unsure if using BOGO offers actually works to acquire new customers to come into your restaurant? This resource is the perfect tool to understand how to use digital marketing to profitably acquire leads. “

What You NEED To Successfully Market Your Restaurant

“In this video, Brett talks specifically about how to achieve synergy by creating an inclusive marketing strategy, the ART of marketing to be specific. Acquiring, Retaining, and Tracking customers are 3 components that come together to create marketing synergy. If your marketing strategy interconnects these three concepts, you will see greater results than if you were to pursue them independently. “

How To Get Repeat Customers For Your Business

“In this video, Brett from Dineline offers insights about powerful tools that turn guest contacts in-store into repeat customers for your restaurant business.”

Weather Can Suck for Your Business... But Your Marketing Doesn't Have to.

“Brett explains the external factors that will hurt your restaurant no matter what… But also what you can do to better your marketing and power through those tough months so your restaurant can succeed no matter what. “

How To Sell Products Using Facebook

In this video, we explain how we increased our clients online store by 20X in the first month of working together.

Why You Should NEVER Stop Marketing Your Restaurant

“One thing I always tell restaurant owners which seems to just really trip them out is that our company cannot afford to stop running ads at this point. The reason for that is because our ads are so profitable and make us so much money. By stopping to do this we would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. The number of opportunities we get from running ads on a regular basis has created so many opportunities for our business and helped us grow consistently every single month. “

Restaurant Marketing Pro Tip: Stacking Menu Items

“Brett and Jace talk with Robert, the west coast regional manager of Stout Burgers & Beer to talk about Menu Item Stacking. Item stacking is one of Stout’s strongest ways to increase their customers average check about. The key is to invest in training your staff on how to pair items that complement each other, whether that be a dark beer with a spicy burger or chipotle mayo with house fries. “

Generate 1,124 Free Leads With This Simple Fix To Your Restaurants Website

“Did you know there is an easy way to generate thousands of new leads for your restaurant for free?  For the first time ever, I am pulling back the curtain on our strategy to start building a customer database with just a simple fix to your website.”

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The Rise in Digital & Boom in Messaging

“Today there are nearly 4 billion active users on social media. Users are more active than ever as well… And advertisers are looking at the highest advertisement costs in history…”

Restaurant Marketing: Expert Skill Swap

“In this video, Brett is joined by the wonderful Natasha Golba to exchange their expertise. Natasha, a professional nutritionist and private chef, shares one of her favorite recipes for a simple, healthy, and super tasty snack, Green Goddess Dip. This dip is perfect to bring to a party, for watching the game, or a healthy after-school snack! “

Are Your Facebook Followers DEAD?!?

“Are your Facebook followers not bringing in the sales they used to? Are you frustrated that just a couple of years ago, a post on your page would get hundreds of likes and comments and now you rarely get to 50 or even 20 engagement actions? “

Customer Behaviors We Are Seeing Around Takeout/Delivery & Dine-In

“Here’s some quick insight on how you should be running offers and promotions for your restaurant right now. Customer behavior has fluctuated a lot over the past couple months. People’s comfort eating out has gone in waves as has government regulation. “


“I oftentimes see “marketers” running “campaigns” that can’t be measured in terms of producing an ROI. What we say here at Misfit Media is that – what gets measured gets improved, and what doesn’t will stay the same.”

Revolutionizing Restaurant Marketing with AI

Revolutionizing Restaurant Marketing with AI: Say Goodbye to Outdated Strategies! #marketing is constantly evolving! Staying updated with the latest #marketingtrends and technologies is essential for a good marketer, and to have a #successfulrestaurantmarketing . You must understand the current trends—especially the role of #aiinmarketing —to improve efficiency and effectiveness. In 2019, we used Facebook Messenger Ads with special offers (coupons) to acquire customer data.

Restaurant Owners: Here is Everything You Need To Know About Running Ads Online

If you own a restaurant and are currently running ads online, you need to know this 👆

Tools You Need To Grow Your Restaurant Business - Food Isn't Enough!

“In this video, Brett from Dineline offers restaurant owners tools you need to grow your restaurant business besides food & great service. “

Ad Costs Are Rising | Here's What Restaurants Should Know

“The Holiday Season is by far the most expensive time of the year. November through December has the highest ad costs with everyone spending money on Facebook and Instagram. “

Branding vs. Marketing Your Restaurant

“Do you know the difference between Branding vs. Marketing? These terms are easily confused, so, this is an awesome resource for anyone in the restaurant industry that wants to create longterm success for their business. Enjoy!”

Sh*t Restaurant Customers Say

“Restaurant owners deal with a lot. Especially customers with requests that are quite…particular. Here are some of our favorite things we’ve heard customers say. Interested in learning more about how we bring the best customers to your restaurant and how we keep them coming back? Check out the link below and give us a call! “

How to Consistently GROW Your Restaurant Brand 📈

How to CONSISTENTLY GROW your restaurant brand despite massive roadblocks? This video will give you practical #restaurantmarketingstrategies to grow your brand despite huge roadblocks. Discover the power of consistency, testing your campaigns, and identifying what works best for your #restaurant. We’ll share how to run and create winning ads to get more restaurant customers consistently for years.

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BIG CHANGE in SMS Marketing is Coming! 😱

A BIG CHANGE in SMS Marketing is Coming! Are you a #restaurantowner regularly sending updates to customers via SMS or text? Here’s a #restaurantmarketing update you need to know right now. This new #SMSmarketing rule requires AT&T and Verizon subscribers to register phone numbers through 10DLC Registration starting July 2023.

Discover Your Vehicles Of Growth!

“Discover Your Vehicles Of Growth! [How To Analyze Your Restaurant’s Success🤔] Do you want to know if your restaurant is leading to success but have no idea how? This video will help you track the success of your restaurant by knowing which vehicles of growth produce your customers.”

When Does Your Restaurant Need a Restaurant Marketing Agency?

“In this video, Brett discusses the requirements a restaurant must meet to partner with the Dineline restaurant marketing agency. If you don’t meet these minimum requirements, we won’t be able to work with you at this time. We want to ensure that our services are the best fit for your business and so we really do appreciate your understanding. We have a number of partners that we are always happy to make referrals to depending on where your restaurant is it. We’re here to help, just ask! Hope you enjoy!”

FIX THESE MISTAKES Before Scaling Your Restaurant ⚠️

Are you having problems with growing your restaurant? There are many common reasons why your restaurant isn’t growing as fast. In this video, we’ll help you overcome these bottlenecks in your #restaurant. We’ve worked with many restaurant brands and have come up with some principles that we talk our prospects through before deciding to work with them.

First Time Restaurant Entrepreneurs vs. Second Time Entrepreneurs

“Brett talks about the difference in first time entrepreneurs vs. second time entrepreneurs and what they should focus on when it comes to opening a restaurant. This is a great resource that outlines the high priorities of both and why you need to be thinking like a second time entrepreneur (even if you aren’t one). Enjoy! “

How to Win Over IMPOSTER SYNDROME As A BUSINESS OWNER? [3 Simple Ways 🤯]

How to win over imposter syndrome as a business owner? Are you a #restaurantowner dealing with #impostersyndrome? Having imposter syndrome as a restaurant owner can limit your marketing goals and strategies, hurting your business in the long run.

Communicating With Our Team Using Slack

Why you need it and what to expect from it!

The Dishio Flow

“Our smart site is a micro website that replaces the link in your bio on all your social media channels and can be linked in your ads. It’s the bridge from interested customers online to in-store paying guests. With our digital menus you will have beautiful interface that tracks new, repeat, and total visitors, enabling targeted remarketing strategies just like those used by e-commerce brands. “

10 benefits of using a QR code menu vs. a paper menu in a restaurant

“Discover the game-changing advantages of adopting a Dishio QR code menu over traditional paper menus in restaurants! From seamless updates to interactive experiences, explore how QR codes revolutionize dining experiences while catering to modern needs. Join us as we unveil the top 10 benefits that make QR code menus a must-have for any restaurant looking to elevate customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. “