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Pub Thirty Two

“Since we started working with Dineline, in our first 2 months, we saw our revenue grow up 13%. We’ve been just really impressed and delighted that we saw such an immediate impact.”


“Dineline’s date driven approach provides invaluable insights, optimizing our online prescence and allowing me to focus on running the restaurant.”

BR77 Brazilian Steakhouse

“Dineline’s unique blend of professionalism & human connection sets them apart. Revenue surged 18% within months! With measurable results, Dineline showed us the impact on foot traffic & revenue.”

Calli Bakers

“Working with Dineline, we experienced a remarkable 70% growth in just 3 months. Their analytics provided invaluable insights unlike our previous hit-or-miss advertising approach. Dineline transformed our success.”

El Vinedo

“We have seen a 20% increase in the first 3 months working with Dineline, giving us our best month to date. Everyone has been so easy to talk to, so relatable, & having them come in and handle our marketing + optimization of revenue streams has allowed us to do what we do best – run a restaurant.”

Humbert House

“Since working with Dineline we’ve seen a year-over-year 10% increase. I see the ads they’re running for us pop up and know they’re working unlike previous routes we’ve taken.”

Smash Burger

“We have doubled our sales using Dineline’s services. The results were almost immediate – I am very impressed. Dineline provides tangible results and have been transparent from the beginning.”

Carl & Chelle's

“Dineline’s impact on our restaurant was immediate. In just one month, our in-store and catering sales increased by 15%. Their comprehensive services are worth every penny.”

Wild Owl

“With a dedicated team of experts, Dineline has consistently delivered a 55-60% increase. Efficient communication, clear explanations, and remarkable reporting make them our trusted partner.”

Ambrosia Bakery

“Our revenue soard by $120,000 since partnering with Dineline. They handle all advertising – crafting compelling emails & engaging ads.”

Brick Oven Pizza

“The numbers speak themselves. We’ve generated 3.1 million impressions, 80,000 emails & phone numbers, 25,000 redemptions, and $626,000 in sales. Our new location is breaking numbers during COVID19 and your company is a big part of that.”

Mr. Pizza

“Amazing people. Amazing team. I can foresee a bright future with these guys. Anytime you need them they are right next door.”

The Sweet Spot

“I’ve been working with Dineline for over 2 years now. They’re supportive, smart, and creative. From creating effective advertisements to maintaining customer relations – I have really enjoyed working with them.”

Rock Creek

“Dineline delivers on their promises, providing measurable results. Their professionalism & timely execution are commendable. They’ve helped us reach over 1.23 million people in our market area – achieving a cost of acquisition of $1.25. Highly reccomend partnering with Dineline!”


“I get regular updates and am always kept in the loop on what’s happening. Since working with Dineline, we’ve reached over a million people with our ads and cost of aquisition is about $1.25/person so it’s very affordable.”

Fat Sals

“I really trust Dineline’s opinio in the field of restaurant marketing – they never let me down. We’ve reached 1.2 million in our local area which resulted in over 3,000 customers and it only costed a little over 50 cents to acquire each one. The Dineline team blends perfect with my team to get the job done.”


“Dineline has boosted our online prescence for all our 10 IHOP locations. With their expertise, we’ve reached over 2.5 million people and attracted over 4,500 people since September. Everyone is so informative, hands-on, and dedicated to our success.

Shanti Indian Cuisine

“Dineline boosts engagement & sales through email, SMS, and calls. With real-time data, we’ve seen significant growth in the past 6 months.”

Back Nine Grill & Bar

“Dineline takes the marketing and does it for me so that I can focus on my guest experience. We’ve reached over 4 million people and driven over 2,000 of those people through my door to become a customer. “

7 Numbers

“It’s nice having a support team to come up with promotional ideas that have filled our restaurant on typically slow nights. Since working with Dineline we’ve had an average of a 44% open rate for emails, 11% click rate for SMS, & 51% opt in rate for combined email & SMS.”